Laptop Lifestyle Online Training Program – Digital Nomad Webinars Updated

Michael Hehn, a business coach and internet marketing expert who is based in Schwyz, Switzerland, has launched an updated version of his laptop lifestyle training program.

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The recently updated program is provided online and is tailored toward people who want to work remotely. It includes a wide range of training materials, including courses and webinars, that help people to become digital nomads by learning internet marketing methods.

It’s estimated that around 4.8 million people globally are digital nomads. The lifestyle allows people to be location independent and to work from their laptop anywhere in the world. A laptop lifestyle offers many benefits such as flexibility and the ability to travel while working.

By joining the program, Hehn says people can earn enough to quit their jobs and start a remote business within 90 days. He explains, “You can work from the sunny beaches of Brazil or the snow-capped mountains of the Alps – it’s up to you!”

Each course is provided by Hehn and covers topics such as how to develop a successful mindset, how to become a copywriter, how to create high-quality digital products, and how to use proven marketing methods.

10 webinars are also included in the update. Hehn says by watching the webinars people will see what is possible and discover new ways to generate an income online. They will receive instruction on Facebook advertising, building a mailing list, writing sales copy, and generating increased website traffic.

Interested parties can enroll by clicking the ‘Start Learning Today’ tab. To become a lifetime member, they will be required to enter their contact details. Training is provided on a complimentary basis and additional guidance is included on the company’s blog.

Kathrin, a previous student, says, “What a great idea to help us newbies. It just gives some insights and after watching these webinars I was fully convinced that this internet thing is working and now I’m in.”

Michael Hehn is a success coach who has helped over 5,000 people to create a laptop lifestyle. His mission is to give people the tools they need to create remote businesses.

For more information on Michael Hehn and his updated laptop lifestyle training program visit

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