Escondido CA Residential Solar System/Battery Installation – Report Released

Baker Electric Home Energy’s latest publication gives readers an in-depth look at why sun-powered energy solutions not only help protect a planet already ravaged by the effects of climate change but also save consumers money in the long term.

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The report details how investing in solar energy gives homeowners a system that will have paid for itself within 5 to 7 years. After this point, energy bills will have been reduced to virtually nothing bar the minimal maintenance required for solar panel installations.

According to the Department of Energy, the current solar energy capacity in the U.S. is now 97.2 GW. This is a seismic increase from just 0.37 MW in 2008. The current national capacity is enough to power 18 million homes. However, solar panel technology still only provides 3% of the country’s energy requirements despite a 70% reduction in the cost of equipment.

The article reveals that investing in solar power technology not only saves money on bills in the long term but also adds significant value to a property. Referencing a Lawrence Berkeley Labs study, Baker Electric Home Energy suggests that solar energy systems outstrip most other home improvements in terms of valuation increases for vendors.

Other points raised in the report include solar power’s advantages during blackouts and national grid outages. By adding a backup battery system, solar users are effectively storing up excess energy for use during emergencies. This excess power can also be sold to the national grid, providing another financial benefit for those who take up the renewable energy option.

As extreme weather events continue to hit the U.S. with increasing regularity, the environmental cost of fossil fuel dependence is more apparent than ever. The article highlights the significant reduction that solar energy makes to one’s carbon footprint, revealing that a 5kW system offsets an impressive 298,108 pounds of carbon dioxide over 25 years.

Other financial benefits include eligibility for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, equating to 26% of system costs. The author also outlines the advantages of the low maintenance costs associated with renewable energy systems, saving users more money on the usual repairs and servicing necessary for traditional gas and oil-fired energy equipment.

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