When Thirteen Became One- A Book Revolutionary War Enthusiasts Were Waiting For

When Thirteen Became One: The Many Colonial Revolts Become a Revolution by Jack Head tells the story of the American heroes who committed themselves to the future freedom of their homes, their cities, and their neighbors. It is the full story of the American Revolution.

But When Thirteen Became One is also much more than that; it is more than just another Revolutionary War history book. We know Concord and Lexington, we know George Washington and Paul Revere’s midnight ride – we know the story.

But what Jack Head has done is dissect that big story we all know, and instead, he tells readers the hundreds of little stories – the battles, encounters, meetings, and other acts of patriotism – that most history books consider too insignificant to detail.

When Thirteen Became One also puts the focus on the heroes: who they were, their motivations, their passions, their family, and all the small things they did to unify thirteen independent colonies.

All the things a generic history book ignores.

As Jack Head says, “History books often dwell on the events, and not the personalities that actually participated or created the circumstances of those events. I wanted to put ‘faces’ on the events that brought thirteen independent colonies together – into one.”

Part one – the history – keeps the heroes and their personalities at the forefront even when deep into the patriotic rebellions, peaceful protests, and courageous proclamations that make up the big story of the American Revolution.

History aficionado, Dave Sparts, says of the book, “The detail Jack Head injects into his book “When Thirteen Became One” is astounding. He knows every cowpath and stonewall in eastern Massachusetts and the names of the Minutemen treading upon and hiding behind the same in April 1775. His command of who went where and why makes his account read like an adventure story. This book is a serious, scholarly work that is a joy to read for anyone interested in this pivotal period in the formation of our country.”

Part Two – the genealogy – expands on the heroes readers meet in part one. Benjamin Church and his secret cipher, Ezekiel Howe, Leslie Alexander, Artemus Ward, Anne Hutchinson – these are just a few of the Revolutionary heroes Jack Head provides a full genealogy and biography for.

Here is the full list of the American Heroes Mr. Head writes a detailed genealogy of:

With some of these heroes comes full family trees, so, whether you are a Revolutionary War enthusiast, a genealogist, an American history buff, or even a college student looking to find research for a paper or project, When Thirteen Became One has both the story and the events, and the heroes and their biographies. As history books go, it doesn’t leave a stone unturned.

Pens and pamphlets united a nation and brought down a monarch, and with When Thirteen Became One, we are told who it is that really wrote those pamphlets as well as what they said.

Twelve of Jack Head’s ancestors fought in the American Revolution, and since the age of 12, he has been researching and creating genealogies for himself, his family, his friends, and also for historical heroes. Now retired, When Thirteen Became One is based on Jack’s extensive genealogical research.

Before retirement, Jack was an educator and trainer. He was an international public speaker on various subjects that included relationship selling, marketing, and merchandising, and he specialized in organizational development through an enhanced performance evaluation system.

An expert at enhanced performance, Jack Head’s When Thirteen Became One tells history at a level above when compared to the standards of the history genre.

You can purchase When Thirteen Became One and learn more about Jack Head at www.jackheadhistory.com.

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