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With this announcement, the firm reaffirms its commitment to helping both corporate entities and individual clients address the challenges associated with outstanding liabilities they have to pay as a result of the pandemic or other economic problems.

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Following Jafri Law Firm’s latest move, clients can now receive guidance through the bankruptcy process by a legal expert who knows the intricacies of bankruptcy law so that clients can get forgiveness for their unmanageable debts and make a fresh start.

The lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic over the past few years threatened businesses that had to find ways to stay open. The health crisis also affected many individuals who lost income because of being laid off or reduced working hours.

Bankruptcy often became the only option for people who had never expected to make that choice. The United States Courts reported that the year 2021 had 413,616 bankruptcies.

Jafri Law Firm has helped many individuals and businesses reorganize assets or liquidate. When an individual or a business is so deeply in debt that no way out can be seen, they can come to this firm, which will help them determine whether bankruptcy is the right option. If it is, Jafri will assign an expert attorney who stays directly involved with the case from start to finish with straightforward advice.

Businesses and people often have more rights than they realize. They may think that creditors will take their assets or that property foreclosure is inevitable. Jafri, however, can protect clients against the worst consequences and find a way out of what may seem like insurmountable obstacles.

As explained on the firm’s website, several types of bankruptcy are available. Chapter 7 is for business owners who want to close their businesses completely. Chapter 13 provides a way for individuals to get forgiveness for both business and personal debt.

Business owners who want to restructure their companies and reduce debt while they remain in operation can choose Chapter 11.

Jafri Law Firm, headquartered in Armonk, NY, has handled bankruptcies for over 10 years in all 50 states. Attorneys are available 24/7 for consultation and guidance.

A satisfied client wrote, “Jafri attorneys were available on weekends, late evenings, basically any time I needed them. Filing for Chapter 11 protection was a difficult decision, but Jafri Law Firm made things easier.”

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