Rocket City’s Rising Star in Auto Services: Huntsville Car Detailing

Cars need to have their “me time” too. After all the hard work in the road, they deserve a good treat. One of the most wonderful feelings of a car owner is getting in a newly detailed car. It is like getting into a brand new car for the first time and driving it! Finding the perfect and trusted place is challenging because we want only the best for our car. There is no need to search far because we got one right here around the block.

Rocket City is now home to one of the leading car detailing companies in Alabama, Huntsville Car Detailing!

Finally, Huntsville Alabamians do not have to worry about where to find car detailers or to travel far just to get the best car detailing work because we finally have one that offers premium quality services for the best price.

Launched to provide auto detailing needs for car owners in Huntsville and Madison, Huntsville Car Detailing pledges to give every valued customer a stress-free detailing experience. Every car that goes through them will look and feel good as new like it is the first time with their wide range of car detailing services both for its interior and exterior, such as polishing, hand washing, paint correction, waxing, vacuuming, cockpit cleaning, deodorizing or leather treatment. Plus, you should not miss their top services: the 100% Hand Wash, Snow Foam Bath, Wheel Clean & Tire Shine, Condition Leather, and Spray Wax.

Passion for Craftsmanship

Huntsville Car Detailing upholds values that say a lot about their services. They are client-focused and will always strive to execute according to their customers’ requests. They work with integrity, operating with honesty and respect for clients’ privacy. And above all, they are passionate car lovers! We love that of them!

Nothing holds them back in car detailing for they have a great eye for detail and take high pride in their work!

Top-notch services equal top-notch skills and equipment

With Huntsville Car Detailing, vehicles are surely in good hands – literally – because car detailing is done manually. Their car detailers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who have worked with all different types of vehicles and delivered only the best.

On top of that, they only use high-quality paints, waxes, cleaning materials, and seals that will ensure that the cars get the best and longer-lasting results. The pricing may be a bit higher than expected, but it is assured that investing in premium services is going to save more money and time. Every penny will be worth the work!

Car Detailing Services

There are no such things as shortcuts to achieve spotless cleaning with Huntsville Car Detailing – always. In this section, they walk us through their car detailing services and processes:

– Hand Wash & Dry – Vehicles are hand washed using environment-friendly cleaning products and dried off manually to keep cars’ surfaces stain-free.

– Polish & Wax – They use car polish paint that removes 50 to 70% of paint imperfections and applies premium car wax and sealant as a protective layer.

– Car Interior Cleaning – The car’s interior including its seat and vehicle upholstery and dashboard are deep cleaned. Plus, pet hair removal!

– Ceramic Coating – It protects vehicles’ paint from UV rays, weather, and a wide range of chemicals, at the same time repelling water, dirt, and other contaminants.

– Paint Correction – This corrects and restores vehicles’ visuals by using techniques such as clear coat levelling, wet sanding or clay bar, paint sealing, or scratch removal.

– Coating Protection – Top-quality matte coating protection is applied particularly to restore the luster and shine of the vehicle and perform lasting maintenance.

Car Detailing Pricing

Among all the services they offer, customers can avail of packages for exterior services only, interior services only, or a combination of both. Individual and additional services are also applicable.

Exterior car dealing services that include hand-washing, drying, and then sealing or waxing cost from $150 to $260. On the other hand, the basic package for interior auto detailing starts at $60, which consists of vacuuming, as well as general cleaning of the glass and plastic surfaces inside the vehicle. Full treatment and cleaning can be up to $180 and $260 depending on the vehicle’s size. A combination of both services will cost from $300 to $400, not including additional special services like trim restoration, engine cleaning, or glass chip repairs.

Satisfied Customers

Huntsville Car Detailing has produced countless satisfied customers since its founding. Many Huntsville Alabamians recommend their services to car owners who are reluctant about handing their cars to strangers. Clients also get to have a free car wash if they are unsatisfied with the outcome (which never happens, by the way). Indeed, HCD has grown to be the trusted and go-to car detailing company. And to top that, HCD is licensed and insured!

Contact Huntsville Car Detailing

There is no place that is as committed and passionate in cars as Huntsville Car Detailing. With all high quality auto cleaning services offered in fair prices, it is the best auto detailer you can find in Rocket City!

HCD can’t serve walk-ins at the moment, so the best way to get a hold of them is to call 256-795-3399. Interested clients can schedule their appointments and even receive a free personal estimate of the auto detailing service they plan to avail. They also have a team who can answer questions about auto detailing.

For more information about HCD, visit their website

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