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Content Marketing Media is changing the content marketing landscape, since it announced the launch of Hyper Local Ads Powered by AI. The timing for the launched paired well with the enhanced visibility of ChatGPT to small business owners across the world.

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While social media has some impact for small business, the company believes distributing hundreds of pieces of content across multiple mediums has a more substantial effect for small businesses. The Founder at Content Marketing Media, Josh Whitfield, makes a point of saying, “things were always going to change when we launched Hyper Local Ads Powered by AI, but ChatGPT just accelerated the importance of marketing companies using AI to create meaningful content for small businesses “.

Josh Whitfield continues… “While many of our competitors are doing the same old thing, using exclusively social media, we wanted to take an omnichannel approach to position small businesses as industry leaders, creating brand authority, and building customer trust. We do this because we believe in giving small business owners access to the same marketing strategies used by big corporations. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because this approach allows local businesses to reach more clients who are already searching for their services or products and expand their business into nearby areas. By optimizing the content for online visibility, we improve a company’s Google ranking and Domain Authority. We actually hope others follow suit.”

Currently, the closest thing to Hyper Local Ads Powered by AI is ChatGPT, but as announced previously , the company improved on this by combining AI technology, a team of marketing experts, and a team of professional writers, Content Marketing Media offers a DFY solution designed to give small business owners access to the same marketing strategies used by big corporations, but at the local level.

Content Marketing Media was established in 2022. It has been doing business for over a year and it has always aimed to deliver campaigns which have a meaningful return on investment and help small business grow.

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