Interactive AR & VR Safety Training Tool: Custom Training Simulation Launched

With respect to high-stress or high-risk jobs, Sequel MV’s simulated training solutions have the ability to create custom virtual environments that can test the practical application of necessary hard skills without putting the workers in vulnerable situations.

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The latest application of the company’s simulation technology uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (MR) to blend real-life settings with digital elements. Such software can provide professional development through immersive training, during the onboarding process. It also helps bridge the gap between the employer’s expectations and the staff’s performance.

Where many in-person training seminars fall short is the ability to emulate the real-world pressure trainees would feel when on the job, simulated environments create an interactive training experience that provides a sense of realism for the trainee, which eases the assimilation of new hires.

As a spokesperson for the company stated: “We blend innovative concepts with bleeding-edge experiential technologies.” This is done through environment building, gamified experiences, virtual production, AR, VR, and MR.

The technology is highly beneficial for occupations where the workers are handling potentially hazardous substances or that may find themselves in dangerous physical situations, as it ensures preparedness before joining the workforce. Sequel MV worked with many Fortune 500 companies, to build a simulated training experiences that takes staff through all the required safety and role specific protocols.

Founders Brandon Mize and Matt Voss believe that innovation, technology and creativity blend together to deliver growth and impactful experiences. They share their thoughts and strategies as part of their Experiential Marketing podcast available across key platforms and the company’s official YouTube channel.

Sequel MV’s technology has a wide range of applications, as can be seen from its partnership with Bridgestone Golf where augmented reality was used to create an immersive retail experience for its new line of tour golf balls.

A recent client said of the training tool: “This project actually got my new employees excited to do training.”

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