Sage 100 Operations Management For Manufacturing Businesses Webinar Announced

As part of a collaboration with Scanco, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’s new webinar series provides details on how businesses can use Sage 100 Operations Management technology to improve their manufacturing and distribution.

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Attendees will learn how Sage 100 can synch their financial and operational data in order to reduce human error throughout their systems, thereby improving costing and purchasing accuracy.

Unpredictable shifts in areas such as changes in technology and economic events often disrupt manufacturing companies across the United States. However, with adequate pre-planning and effective systems in place, these disruptions can be minimized. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS’s “All Things Manufacturing” webinar series provides businesses with the information they need to know to improve their response times using Sage 100 Operations Management.

Many challenges faced by manufacturing and distribution businesses can stem from inconsistencies between the warehouse and the financial data. As Accounting Business Solutions by JCS highlights, Sage 100 can eliminate this problem by providing real-time integration that keeps systems up to date for accurate inventory management, pricing estimates, and component costs.

Having been working in the industry since 1989, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has insight into the accounting needs and difficulties faced by businesses of all sizes. By partnering with Scanco, a developer of mobile warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions, the company provides manufacturing businesses access to their combined industry expertise and knowledge.

The first in the three-part webinar series is scheduled for 12:30-1:15 pm ET on February 14th and is set to include a 30 minutes presentation followed by a 15 minutes Q&A session. Business owners must register their interest in advance through the company’s sign-up page, which allows them complimentary access to the event as well as a copy of the webinar recording.

Following the webinar, attendees will also receive an invitation to a private one-to-one assessment with one of Accounting Business Solutions By JCS’s team. During these assessments, clients will learn how Sage 100 can benefit their business’s specific needs and operations.

A spokesperson for Accounting Business Solutions By JCS said, “During the webinar, you’ll begin to see that once you’re equipped with this capability, everything that’s needed to meet both business and customer needs will remain within your control and line of vision.”

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