Hamburg Private Aged Care By Dietrich Wienecke, Admin Assistance Service Updated

Dietrich Wienecke founded ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat in order to address a gap he identified in the aged care industry across Germany, and particularly in Hamburg: the provision of daily care for the elderly. Now, Dietrich Wienecke is proud to be announcing that they have updated their network of service providers and, as such, can now provide more specific daily administrative assistance to elderly individuals in Germany.

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Dietrich Wienecke and his co-founder, Philipp von Cramm, have called their new service a private secretariat, and they have developed it in accordance with the latest findings from The Guardian. In an article called “‘I Feel Bombarded with To-Dos’: The Hell of Life Admin”, their journalists explained that at-home administrative tasks, more commonly called life admin, is now one of the single largest sources of stress and anxiety for people of all ages.

However, The Guardian advised that this stress was often amplified for the elderly, who are less likely to be able to navigate digital platforms with ease and who can often be dismissed or taken advantage of by service providers and, likewise, by bureaucrats.

As such, ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat has updated their administrative assistance service in order to cover all possible bureaucratic needs, as well as other service provisions that are necessary for one’s home and garden upkeep and ongoing healthcare. This includes bill payments, updating contracts and liaising with key organizations like insurance providers.

Beyond administration, Dietrich Wienecke’s ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat can also provide customized and personalized care services that help each client maintain their physical and mental health, social life and lifestyle.

Dietrich Wienecke and Philipp von Cramm work with each new family and client personally in order to establish the highest level of private care.

A spokesperson for Dietrich Wienecke and ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat said, “With the discreet support of a private secretariat, clients can lead a self-determined life in their own four walls even in old age or illness. This considerably increases their quality of life. At the same time, the costs for the custom-fit services of the private secretariat are only a fraction of the costs of any other professional solution, especially inpatient care. This is gratifying for the whole family.”

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