Branded NFC Challenge Coins For Corporate Events | 3D Detailed Designs Announced

This launch will bring their patented NFC-integrated coins to customers everywhere following the end of their pre-order period. Ahead of the launch, fully functional sample coins featuring the proprietary NFC chip integration can be ordered for testing and proofing purposes, after which bulk orders can be placed.

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This new type of challenge coin is being launched as a modern alternative to the traditional business card for use at trade shows and corporate events. The NFC integrations in the coins allow them to automatically transfer contact information and other important data as they are passed over a requisite receiver, such as the ones found in most smartphones.

These coins are fully customizable with a variety of inlay materials. Created using dye-press construction, the layering of different metals as well as soft and hard enamel can be used to create complex branded designs. The coins are also available in custom shapes, providing customers an extra level of personalization.

A wide range of metallic finish options are available, including brass, bronze, gold, silver, and copper, among others. Interested parties can collaborate with the Gray Water Ops team to create unique 3D designs that best portray a brand’s unique identity.

Following the official launch of this product at the end of April 2023, customers will be able to place bulk orders on custom products with a minimum order size of 200 pieces.

The patented NFC chip in every coin is embedded in the housing and is designed to never wear out. These chips can be programmed to serve a wide range of functions depending on the needs of the client; for example, coins could be distributed to create a customer loyalty program, accessible only to those who hold a specific challenge coin. The chips can also be tied to a specific URL, opening the door to members-only online spaces and other similar programs.

In the past, Gray Water Ops has created non-NFC coins for public service organizations, sports teams, and companies alike. A catalog of some of their past designs is available to browse on their website for potential customers to take inspiration from and see what the company is capable of creating.

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