Seattle Casual Dining & Cafe Self-Serve Kiosk Upselling & Custom Graphics Update

The updated self-serve kiosks from Applova can be customized by each client to match their own restaurant theme and colors, with custom graphics for individual menu items.

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Though self-serve checkouts are becoming widely used in many grocery stores and restaurants, the traditional options all offer a similar look and feel, with limited options for customization. These updated kiosks from Applova are fully customizable, can be changed or modified at any time, and include machine learning technology for upsells.

By including custom graphics for menu items, Applova kiosks can help to bypass language barriers and provide clients with insight into their meals by displaying each ingredient. The kiosks allow for a diverse set of menu options, meal customizations, and combinations so that clients can still customize their meals, without having to interact with staff members.

To improve productivity after an order is placed, the kiosks can be integrated with a restaurant’s existing POS system and kitchen printers or screens, so new orders are automatically transferred to, or displayed on the proper screens. To assist with the process, Applova provides an in-depth, personal customer service program that is available throughout the USA.

Using the built-in machine learning system, the kiosks can track the most popular items, what other items they are most often purchased with, and how these trends change over time. With that information, the kiosks can suggest “intelligent upsells,” based on the current most popular items, other items in the customer’s tickets, or items suggested by the restaurant owner.

Applova kiosks are designed as a full substitution for order-taking staff at restaurants, though they can also be used in combination with staff-operated checkouts to reduce labor costs, while still providing customers with an option for how to order. Interested restaurant owners can schedule a no-cost consultation and demonstration at their convenience by clicking “Get A Demo” on the Applova website.

One satisfied restaurant owner said, “The perfect Kiosk solution for fast-casual restaurants. Works seamlessly with Clover and their customer support is a real person, literally helping you hand in hand to make sure everything works and that you are satisfied with the experience.”

More information about Applova kiosks, scheduling a demonstration, and the new customization options can be found at

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