Invisible Seamless Nipple Covers To Replace Bras For Backless Dresses Announced

The newly announced nipple covers give women the opportunity to buy the backless, translucent, and low-cut dresses and tops they want without having to worry about bra straps, underbands, hooks, closures or cups showing through their clothing. CleanSeams nipple covers by Her Discretion are quickly becoming a must-have item for women who take pride in their fashion.

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Virtually invisible under clothing, the newly announced CleanSeams nipple covers are a bra replacement solution that opens up a world of possibilities for women of all sizes who want their backless dresses and tops to flatter their shape.

“The secret to CleanSeams’ popularity is their ability to provide extreme comfort without sacrificing on form or function,” says a company spokesperson. “They’re made of an ultra-thin premium, BPA-free silicone material that gradually thins out from the center for a perfect bra hack that ensures form-fitting clothing and backless dresses look their very best.”

Made of a soft, flexible material, CleanSeams conform comfortably to the shape of the breast for long-term wear, a vital feature for women with sensitive skin, those who are breastfeeding, and those attending dinner and dancing events that carry on into the night.

With a medical-grade peel-and-stick design, CleanSeams can be worn again and again, making them a cost-effective, eco-friendly bra replacement option. Women get the peace of mind they need when attending special and formal events, and can feel good about bypassing single-use products.

Completely invisible under clothing and secure enough that they won’t dislodge, CleanSeams nipple covers can stand up to dresses made of the thinnest or the heaviest fabrics so that clothing lays in a smooth and flattering fashion.

The product ships in sets of two and comes in a tastefully designed cabinet-style box that hides two separate drawers for each set. With proper care, CleanSeams nipple covers can last for months.

A recent customer says, “I’d always been skeptical about nipple covers because I don’t want them to be visible under my clothing. CleanSeams are completely seamless, very comfortable, and reusable, which is amazing. And, because they’re nude in color, work perfectly for me as a Black woman. And bonus, they come in a pretty box for storing and travel.”

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