McKinney Emergency Dentist; 24/7 Immediate Appointment For Chipped Teeth Update

As part of the update, those experiencing a dental emergency can now attend the clinic and receive expert dental care at any time of day. The practice is equipped with some of the latest technology, and can treat all types of emergency, including chipped and broken teeth, lost teeth, oral trauma, and abscesses or other forms of infection.

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Millennium Smiles explains that some dental emergencies should be seen to as quickly as possible, and the recent revisions offer expert care for clients whose regular dental practice may not be available. The availability of walk-in appointments also allows individuals to receive care in a shorter timeframe than they might otherwise experience when attending hospital emergency departments.

Cleveland Clinic, one of the country’s most respected health centers, states that a dental emergency is any situation that causes severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or broken facial bones. The clinic highlights the importance of timely care in preventing further injury or life-threatening infections.

While hospital emergency rooms can address immediate risk factors, they usually don’t provide restorative services, such as fillings or crowns. With the most recent update, Millennium Smiles offers a comprehensive range of dental services that can be carried out at short notice, allowing for a more complete treatment in one visit.

“We have the technology to repair damage and replace missing or broken teeth in a timely manner,” a clinic representative explained. “Our team is friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable, and can answer any questions that clients have about their current situation. There are always several ways to treat a dental emergency, so our dental staff will always work to figure out the most appropriate course of action.”

About Millennium Smiles

Led by Dr. Dunia Korous, Millennium Smiles now offers services from two offices, located on Main Road and Lebanon Road. In addition to routine, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry, the clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and obstructive sleep apnea.

“I love going to Millennium Smiles,” one client recently stated. “They have the best team, and they’re always ready to help, no matter what your case is. It’s one of the best dental clinics I’ve ever seen. I must send a special thank you to Dr. Korous for the amazing level of care.”

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