San Antonio Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney, Representation Service Launch

With the timely upgrade to its services, Reyna Law Firm positions itself to assist victims of car accidents throughout the San Antonio area as they pursue compensation. Its attorneys aim to maneuver legal barriers and negotiate with insurance companies while navigating the latest regulatory changes on behalf of its clients.

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Lead attorney JR Reyna and his team updated the firm’s services in response to San Antonio’s motor vehicle accident rate. With the metro area’s rising population comes a higher number of motorists and commuters – while recent studies suggest that San Antonio already places 13th among Texas cities in terms of accident likelihood.

As such, Reyna Law Firm makes available the legal representation services of its personal injury-experienced attorneys for all those impacted by car crashes in and around the city. Providing its clients with both English and Spanish-language services as needed, the Texas-wide firm seeks to help secure financial recompense whether as a settlement or through court proceedings.

“We don’t charge an up-front fee,” explains a Reyna Law Firm spokesperson. “Our priority is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you as we do our best to force the negligent party and insurance companies to compensate you for your injuries, emotional stress, lost wages, medical bills, and the disruption to your life that you’ve experienced.”

Via case consultations, Reyna Law Firm is equipped to provide an overview of each client’s unique situation before advising them on appropriate next steps and potential legal strategies.

Through Reyna Law Firm’s ongoing relationships with diagnostic and financial industry personnel, its attorneys are able to present accurate medical information to judges and juries – targeting sufficient reimbursement. In addition, the firm strives to connect clients with care providers who are suited to assist with their recovery or rehabilitation from physical injuries.

From its San Antonio offices, Reyna Law Firm looks to maintain its reputation as an acclaimed defender of rights for accident victims and their loved ones. Its continuing mission, as described by the firm, is to stand by clients while fighting for fair and equitable compensation – offering much-needed aid for those who would otherwise struggle to deal with insurance companies alone.

“I was in a motor vehicle accident in 2015,” explained one prior client. “Reyna Law Firm quickly handled my claim and guided me through the process every step of the way.”

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