App-Controlled WiFi Adapter To Connect Car & Phone: Android Auto Dongle Launch

Ihor Martsekha, CEO of Carsifi, says the recently released dongle presents a leap forward in connectivity as it allows smartphones to work with cars that have no built-in WiFi. As such, even automobiles with older dashboard systems can utilize the convenient Android Auto suite.

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The device simply needs to be plugged into the USB port of any modern car infotainment system. Afterward, motorists can pair their smartphones with the dongle via Bluetooth. For greater ease of use, there is also an app that can facilitate this process.


Martsekha says that given the ubiquity of the Android ecosystem, it’s unsurprising that its driving suite has been met with wide adoption. Industry data shows that about 150 million people use Android Auto regularly. However, the app was released only in 2015; since most cars in the country are over a decade old, a significant segment of motorists cannot access it.

The dongle’s inventor says: “While built-in WiFi and connected dashboards are becoming increasingly common, these are premium features that not everyone can afford. Carsifi’s goal is to bridge this often-overlooked gap in a budget-friendly way.”


When a smartphone is paired with the entertainment system, the driver gets access to features like Google Assistant, guided navigation, and music playback. Likewise, they can use voice prompts to make calls or send messages to loved ones. Since motorists do not have to fiddle with their phones anymore, they are less distracted — and, thus, less likely to figure in accidents.


Carsifi works seamlessly out of the box with all devices that have Android 9 or higher. Those with Android 6 to 8 can also use the dongle with the help of a companion app. The adapter works with a wide variety of cars, including major players like Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen, and Kia.

Customers in the USA can expect to receive the adapter in 2-4 business days; international orders, meanwhile, are fulfilled in 7 days. If buyers are not happy with the product, they can return it at no extra cost within 30 days.

Carsifi was funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Those who wish to know more about the company and its founders may visit

Carsifi, Inc.

3524 Silverside Road, #35b

United States

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