Tool-Free French Press, Rust-Proof Stainless Steel & Reinforced Glass: Update

This new update to the traditional French Press design, built by SYL Prosper, makes the entire device more durable, by improving the most commonly lost, damaged, or broken parts.

More information about the new French Press design, the stainless steel reinforcement, and other improvements from SYL Prosper can be found at

With a traditional French Press, a small “attachment knob” is used to hold the coffee filtration screens tightly to the stem. Unfortunately, these attachment knobs are often damaged by the tools used to unscrew them or lost if users have a poor grip on their pliers. The new design from SYL Prosper replaces this small knob with a wing nut, which can be easily turned by hand instead of requiring tools.

By entirely removing the need for tools, SYL Prosper has reduced the likelihood of parts being damaged by slippage, excessive squeezing, or accidental loss of grip on a pair of pliers or a wrench. When combined with the larger, easier-to-find wing nut, this removes several of the most common causes of damage and loss.

To ensure that the rest of the French Press also meets the highest quality standards, SYL Prosper has designed it using heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is extremely resistant to thermal expansion. The glass is reinforced using 304 Grade Stainless Steel, which conducts less heat than carbon steel and is highly resistant to rust due to its high nickel content.

The SYL Prosper design uses a double filtration system to help filter both medium and fine coffee grounds, and each kit contains two additional filters that can be used as replacements if the originals wear out. While the French Press is primarily designed for use with hot-brew coffee, the filtration system also allows it to be used for cold-press coffee, as well as loose or bagged tea.

One satisfied user said, “This French press is very nice. I like that I can take the plunger apart and clean it, and the extra screens are a nice bonus. I did have a problem with the screw in the bottom plate detaching, but I contacted the seller and was sent a new part. Good customer service. I would recommend this French Press, it’s attractive and works well.”

More information about the updated damage-resistant components, “EzDtach” wing nut, and other products from SYL Prosper can be found at

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