Organic Hemp Extract Chews: Relieve Joint Pain, Beef Flavor Dog Treats Announced

The recent announcement introduces pet owners to a chemical-free, 100% USDA-certified organic pet treat shown to reduce inflammation in pets naturally and without prescription medications. A premier provider of hemp-based pet products, PetVetsRx’s Hemp Oil Chews offer a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals that pet owners will appreciate for their efficacy, and pets will appreciate for their natural beef and bacon flavor.

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Primarily known for its health benefits, hemp oil is an especially effective remedy for inflammation. Newly announced Hemp Oil Chews from PetVetsRx offer a restorative, plant-based option that pet owners can introduce if their dog or cat struggles with joint pain.

“Hemp Extracts are packed with essential nutrients that can boost a pet’s health in several ways,” says a spokesperson for PetVetsRX. “One of these nutrients is omega-3 fatty acids, which regulate inflammatory responses in both pets and humans. Pets can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids on their own, which is one of the reasons why our Hemp Oil Chews – naturally rich in omega 3s – give dogs and cats the nutrients they need to fight inflammation naturally.”

Studies from Colorado State University confirm hemp oil can greatly reduce joint pain and inflammation, improving mobility and overall comfort in pets.

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, hemp oil contains compounds known as phytocannabinoids. These compounds can work synergistically in broad-spectrum hemp to create what’s known as the “entourage effect,” maximizing the oil’s therapeutic effects.

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Each PetVetsRx bacon and beef flavored treat is made with 2 mg of premium broad-spectrum hemp extract, as well as adaptogenic herbs shown to improve coordination, soothe anxiety, and naturally support pet health.

Chews can be used as part of a healthy diet, and as a reward for training purposes.

A PetVetsRX customer says, “These hemp oil chews work great, and we have already placed a second order. I like using the treats for therapeutic reasons, and as a training reward. Our dog loves them.”

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