Remote Web3 Jobs Platform: Freelance NFT, Metaverse Developer Openings Announced

The platform allows workers to take on projects ad hoc while still having stability in their employment opportunities that freelancing often lacks.

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The new platform meets an increased demand for web3 jobs due, in large part, to the rise of the digital economy. Forward-thinking businesses are responding to the expansion of the metaverse and seeking ways to incorporate digital elements into their real world operations. Meta-Builders recognizes this trend and aims to become a consistent and reliable resource for freelancers to find work in the web3 space.

Their platform offers a wide range of projects for new freelance hires to work on, including blockchain development, NFT (non-fungible token) and smart contract creation, and payment system development – an in-demand skill set as cryptocurrencies become more prolific and widely accepted for real world purchases.

Meta-Builders embraces digital commerce, primarily accepting payments from their clients in the decentralized blockchain cryptocurrency Ethereum, or ETH. Payments to their freelancing team are also available as crypto deposits.

According to the company, the new platform will provide a flexible working environment for freelancers, enabling them to work from anywhere and at any time. This kind of in-home freelancing is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek out flexible working arrangements. As such, interest in Meta-Builder’s platform is already high amongst those considering work in the digital economy.

“Meta-Builders’ platform will help freelancers to achieve their goals while providing dependable job opportunities for digital economy workers,” said a company spokesperson. “Our platform’s intuitive interface enables service providers to sign up and start working within minutes. Freelancers can easily create a profile and showcase their skills to our diverse range of clients. No need to hustle, just take on the projects you want.”

Meta-Builders has a reputation for being a reliable provider of innovative services, which has allowed it to offer stable employment opportunities in the digital economy.

Meta-Builders encourages interested parties to contact them through their Discord community chat for more information at


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