BSLBATT Unveils High-Performance Lithium Ion Battery Ultra-Thin Solar Powerwall Battery For Home

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Guangdong, China, Sept.5, 2023 (500NewsWire) — BSLBATT, the leading manufacturer of revolutionary and innovative lithium batteries in China, is thrilled to announce its resolute commitment to offering top-notch products and services to customers around the world.

With a primary focus on technological advancement, BSLBATT stands out in the industry for its high-performance lithium ion ultra-thin solar Powerwall battery for home. The ultra-thin solar Powerwall battery is the newest idea for sustainable energy storage at home. The battery is less than 9 cm thick and can be installed anywhere in the customers home. These features enable homeowners to benefit from effective storage solutions that are both efficient and reliable.

An ISO-certified manufacturer, BSLBATT specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of a 5kWh lithium ion battery that seamlessly blends in with any home's aesthetics. The 5kWh battery can be connected in parallel up to 16 units, perfect for the cloudy days when there is no sunlight. The ultra-thin solar Powerwall battery makes the ultimate storage solution as it can be stably connected to a variety of inverters. With a passion for innovation, BSLBATT strives to exceed customer expectations with high energy, innovative design, high power density, long service life, easy installation, and expansion.

Based in Guangdong Province, BSLBATT exclusively manages a dedicated manufacturing unit in China and exports its products to America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and many more regions. With a rich history spanning more than 20 years in the global industry, BSLBATT is committed to providing the best emergency backup power for its customers.

BSLBATT 5.12kWh battery ultra-thin solar Powerwall battery is one of the best choices for home battery backup. Customers can choose a single wall mount or multiple parallel connections when it comes to this home battery backup. It saves homeowners fifty percent on installation space while delivering top-notch performance. The battery features a 5X cycle life in comparison to traditional home batteries available in the market. It is also twenty percent less expensive than conventional home batteries.

The BSLBATT 48V 100Ah battery comes with a built-in management system. It uses advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate technology and operates a broader temperature range to deliver the most dependable performance. The LFP technology has also been proven to be one of the safest lithium technologies in the industry, manufactured to the highest standards.

"We are dedicated to delivering homeowners with a maintenance-free and easy-to-integrate battery backup solution to power the homes day or night," says the Founder of BSLBATT. "Our ultra-thin solar Powerwall batteries are designed for backup power, off-grid, time of use, and self-use application. The consistently reliable solutions will keep your solar system operating during a power outage. It uses the energy stored from daytime to power your home at night."

BSLBATT's commitment to excellence in high-performance home lithium batteries makes the company a frontrunner in the battery manufacturing industry globally.

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