Pulsar Helium planning for February 2024 drill program at Topaz Project in Minnesota

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Pulsar Helium Inc CEO Thomas Abraham-James joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share important updates about the company's upcoming drilling program and developments.

Pulsar Helium has announced a drilling program at the Topaz Project, which is set to commence in February 2024. The program will include the drilling of one well, with the option to drill a second well at the company's discretion. The appraisal well, named Jetstream #1, will be drilled to a vertical depth of 2,200 feet. The collar location for Jetstream #1 is expected to be situated within 65 feet of the original discovery well, LOD-6, which yielded an impressive 10.5% helium flow rate.

Additionally, Pulsar Helium Inc has received an addendum to its License at the Tunu Project in Greenland. This addendum expands the scope of the project to include a prospective area for both helium and geothermal power generation. The enlarged Tunu Project area now covers a total of 2,816 square kilometers.

The expansion of the Tunu Project area encompasses the Kap Tobin locality, where thermal springs were previously sampled in 2021. These samples revealed a helium concentration of 0.8%, along with 97% nitrogen and 2% argon.

Geothermal industry experts, including the Iceland GeoSurvey, have conducted studies in the same location. Their findings suggest that co-generation of power and heat is feasible due to the presence of an 80C geochemical temperature at depth and access to the nearby cold ocean as a heat sink.

The Government of Greenland has stated that the utilization of geothermal energy falls under the jurisdiction of the Mineral Resource Authority when it is part of a mineral exploitation activity, aligning with Pulsar's activities for helium extraction.

These developments in the drilling program and the Tunu Project underscore Pulsar Helium's commitment to advancing its exploration efforts and expanding its scope of activities to include potential geothermal power generation. The company's efforts reflect its dedication to responsible and sustainable resource development in the field of helium and energy production.

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