Drylab Media Tech Group trails “interesting announcements” to come

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Drylab Media Tech Group PLC Sales Director Glenn Broere visits the Proactive London studio to speak with Thomas Warner about the work he's doing to commercialise the company's next generation dailies distribution platform.

Broere explains that Drylab's platform simplifies the review of dailies by production teams on set, marrying low-resolution proxies with descriptive metadata. He suggests that the technology not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces post-production costs and time.

He goes on to outline Drylab's strategy for penetrating the market, building on relationships within the industry and working closely with digital imaging technicians and other content creators. He acknowledges the current media landscape disruptions, like recent strikes in Hollywood, as opportunities for Drylab's growth.

Moreover, Broere discussed Drylab's flexible pricing models tailored to various production scales and the model's success in markets like Sweden and Norway, aiming to replicate it in other regions. Finally, he highlights the importance of feedback from cinematographers and producers in evolving Drylab's offerings, underscoring the company's commitment to adapting and improving their product in line with industry needs.

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