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What’s the first thing people can consider when people hear that Facebook is thinking about permitting WhatsApp clients to share their status updates to Facebook, Instagram, and different applications? On the off chance that people said “Cool,” that is justifiable — it could be a cool feature! In the event that they believe it’s frightening, they are likewise right, since this kind of usefulness over the different services having a place with any tech organization, particularly one that gathers that much information, can for sure be creepy.

Everyone are stating that Facebook may utilize this little trick to associate different records which could give it much more insight who individuals are, for advertisement sales purposes and more.

Facebook got a lot of analysis, and even fines, in Europe when it reported that it would associate WhatsApp and Facebook accounts with the help of individuals’ phone number. The penalties were doled out in light of the fact that Facebook had at first said it could never do that, yet did in any case.

Presently, Facebook is testing the new universal status share feature in WhatsApp, as indicated by The Verge. Notwithstanding sharing it to Facebook or Instagram, people will likewise have the option to do it with Gmail and Google Photos, which is fairly weird. Facebook revealed to The Verge that it won’t effectively connect their accounts between gadgets:

Rather, it’s creation use of similar iOS and Android information sharing APIs as each other application, which means information is transferred between the applications on-gadget. Regardless of whether you share information to another Facebook-owned service like Instagram, WhatsApp says the two posts will be isolated occasions in Facebook’s systems, and they won’t be connected.

The feature certainly has potential, as certain individuals might want to have a similar status updates posted crosswise over different platforms. However, the feature will require manual input, which means people won’t almost certainly instruct WhatsApp to share the status update to Facebook and Instagram automatically.

The feature is just in testing for the time being, so there’s no telling on the off chance that it’ll at any point become a WhatsApp highlight.

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