Escondido Solar Panel Installation | Planet-Friendly Home Energy Report Launched

The new report expands upon the rooftop solar panel installation services offered by the company throughout Escondido and the surrounding area. It details seven advantages of a solar energy setup.

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In its latest release, Baker Electric Home Energy underscores that installing solar panels enables customers to transition away from dependence on utility providers. In turn, this reduces electricity bills because customers generate their own power.

The company’s technicians state that within five to seven years, customers find that their energy system pays for the cost of installation. When this is expanded to cover the lifespan of the system, energy savings can reach 75%.

The report shows how a steady, predictable monthly expenditure makes panel installation suitable for both individuals and families. Customers have the flexibility of using as much or as little energy as they need.

In addition to this, the report highlights the impact that solar panels have on property value. Recent studies have shown that solar systems increase curb appeal and home value. In California, panels add approximately $20,000 to the price of the property.

Solar installation from Baker Electric Home Energy protects customers against energy blackouts because they don’t have to rely on a utility provider for their electricity.

The company’s report explains that customers can reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating their reliance on traditional power. Data shows that over a 25-year span, solar energy can offset almost 300,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Other aspects covered include the low maintenance associated with the equipment, and the tax credit system available, which is currently set at 26% of the installation cost.

Baker Electric Home Energy continues its commitment to customer education with its latest report. To assist customers wanting to switch systems, a solar panel cost calculator is available on the company website.

A spokesperson states: “Baker Electric Home Energy has been recognized on both local and national levels for our outstanding service and contributions to the rise of solar energy across Southern California. With over 16,500 satisfied customers, you can trust that your installation is in good hands.”

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