Organic Lion’s Mane For Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Awareness Campaign Launch

The new report, released in conjunction with and Sun Horse Energy, is part of Dr.O’Bryan’s ongoing commitment to disseminating information on the therapeutic potential of bioactive natural extracts. The launch is accompanied by the ‘Fix Your Brain Recipe Book’ – a practical guide to improving neurological function through one’s diet.

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The latest campaign draws on research from respected scientific journals, demonstrating the growing evidence base for complementary approaches to a range of chronic physiological and neurological conditions. Dr. O’Bryan’s statement responds to recent ADAA data suggesting there are approximately 6.3 million adults in the US currently living with anxiety disorder.

Lion’s Mane, also known as Hericium Erinaceus, has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine. This mushroom grows on the trunks of dead hardwood trees such as Oak. A paper published by the Journal of Medicinal Food revealed significant antidepressant and anxiolytic effects of Lion’s Mane in an animal study.

Dr. O’Bryan points to further research published by the Biomedical Research journal that demonstrated Lion’s Mane’s effectiveness in stimulating Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) synthesis. This plays a vital role in reducing neural inflammation and combating oxidative stress thus lessening the severity of anxiety symptoms.

The campaign underlines a growing acknowledgment within the scientific community of the importance of both NGF and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors in stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. These molecules can help to address numerous health issues including fatigue, memory loss, and a lack of mental focus.

About Dr. Tom O’Bryan

As a leading expert in autoimmune conditions and celiac sensitivity disorders, Dr. O’Bryan has dedicated his career to finding new complementary and adaptogenic solutions to pervasive disorders of the body and mind. He established as a comprehensive resource for health education and non-pharmacological guidance on the web.

A spokesperson says, “Adaptogens must maintain homeostasis in humans, that is, these substances can offset or resist physical disorders caused by external stress. If you’re too high, they calm, if the body is too low, they elevate function.”

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