New York Vintage RV Airstream Rental For Photo & Video Production Announced

RV Airstreams, a fleet rental company, expands its services in New York, offering vintage airstreams with changing rooms, make-up stations, and other equipment for photo and video production.

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Featured in many famous movies, Airstreams are once again gaining popularity for their nostalgic appeal. With its latest expansion, RV Airstreams provides a vintage fleet of varying sizes with multi-purpose use for photo and video production. They can be used as a filming location, a visual prop to add authenticity to a scene, a dressing room, or a mobile workspace.

The company offers four different Airstreams. Each RV is fitted with many details specific to the purpose of the vehicle. The BeautyStream is a 1994 recreational vehicle that’s 36 feet in length. It is a well-equipped mobile hair salon that features five makeup and hair stations, two telescopic hair-washing sinks, and two removable outdoor hair-washing sinks.

In addition to the BeautyStream, RV Airstreams offers other Airstreams in various sizes, from 20 to 36 feet. The Airstreams can serve as changing rooms to suit the needs of any film or photo production. All are furnished with a kitchen and minibar, bathroom and shower, water tanks, electric power, and air conditioning and heating. Upon the client’s request, the company can provide additional equipment for their creative needs.

The rented RV is delivered directly to the production site, however, the Airstreams are not intended to transport crew members.

About the company

RV Airstream, founded in 2019, specializes in elevating brand promotional events, pop-up shops, tailgates, weddings and outdoor private events by offering a fleet of Airstreams for rent.

A spokesperson of the company said, “We not only provide our fleet for commercial use, but also as props, green rooms and celebrity motor homes for the television and film industry. Through dedication to our clientele, we’ve established RV Airstream as the ideal fleet, to include high-profile event planners, creative agencies, designers, video production crews and events.”

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