The best crypto projects that will be listed in the most popular exchanges in 2023!

Crypto assets manage to be one of the most popular tools in the investment world this year. One of the most important opportunities to invest due to their high potential, the details under the projects and market control with mass movement is to follow the new projects and benefit from the most advantageous purchasing opportunities. If you can succeed, you can gain high financial profit with increasing market trends. In this article, we will review the projects that will be listed on the most popular cryptocurrency platforms around the world and the potential of these projects. If you know about investing in cryptocurrencies or if you want to start making an investment, our article might be a guide for you.

The newest projects that will be added to the list!

In the first quarter of 2023, various new projects are waiting to be launched for investors. Especially when the advantages of benefiting from the newly listed projects in the crypto sector are considered, it is best to follow the projects on this list. The projects that will be listed on the popular exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Gate, Kucoin, OKX) are the following 5 cryptocurrencies.

1) Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – The first and custom MEMAG mobile game in the world.

2) Goldex Token (GLDX) –  This is common usage a cryptocurrency unit project of GPLUS Finance platform and Alltsocan Multichain Blockchain Explorer under the Goldex ecosystem.

3) Fight Out (FGHT) – A new crypto fitness application linked to real gyms.

4) Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – A crypto training platform that offers analysis and graphic support to investors.

5) DEXGame (DXGM) is a Metaverse Based – NFT – P2E – Esports Game Project headquartered in Switzerland.

This list is not given in any order. The projects are not listed starting from the best or in a similar order. All projects are listed randomly.

A deep look at projects that will be newly listed on big exchanges!

In our previous title, we provided a general overview of the best cryptocurrencies that will be listed in 2023. In this section of our article, we will provide a deeper analysis of the listed projects and try to help you to find the most suitable investment tool for you. While doing this analysis, we will consider the projects underlying these cryptocurrencies and their journeys.

1) Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – The first and custom MEMAG mobile game in the – world.

Meta Master Guild is the number one coin that will be listed on the exchanges. $300,000 investment collected in one week after the pre-sales shows how high this excitement is on the investor side. This project that sets sustainability and uninterrupted entertainment as its priority started its journey with the idea to be the first WEB3-based mobile game platform around the world.

Web 3.0 is where internet projects are gathered on blockchain-based decentralized networks rather than centralized servers that provide a free and sensor-free structure. Various crypto game projects that have been released to the market so far are AAA (large budget) games based on play-to-earn (P2E). However, this leads to extreme costs and significant falls after the game is no longer popular among the players.

2) Goldex Token (GLDX) –  This is common usage a token project of GPLUS Finance platform and Alltsocan Multichain Blockchain Explorer under Goldex ecosystem.

The GLDX is another cryptocurrency with the potential to invest in. The pre-stage success especially reveal how much excitement it raised among the investors. The ecosystem that it creates bridges between dozens of different networks that combine all of its products under Alltoscan, enabling users to work between a single product and dozens of popular networks, saving time and cost and providing a variety of support rewards to users through the traffic that is generated.

The GPLUS platform allows you to perform quickly and effectively undertake swap and stake services with a user-friendly interface. GPLUS Wallet moved the safety rating of users to the top segment, combining NFT technology with blockchain, ensuring that wallets are in user control, ensuring that their valets are secured. GPLUS Wallet will activate VISA/master features in 2023, enabling them to be more effective in our current life.

The Alltoscan Multichain Blockchain Explorer, which has been jointly implemented with software teams from more than 10 companies with experience in Blockchain, enables simultaneous questioning of all networks added to the platform from a single screen. Enabling the DeX activation of the platform within 2023 Q2 initiating platform membership processes to create the reward system for users of all wallets (Metamask, etc.), especially GPLUS. By connecting to the Alltoscan system, processing will be carried out by GLDX in the user wallets, such as transfer charges, on all network systems used, and the public launch of platform stakeholders will be carried out. GLDX is ERC20-based, and the total mint is limited to 33 million. By the end of 2023, the circulation supply is limited to 5 million GLDX. Given the generation algorithm, its use and the amount of circulation, GLDX, which is expected to be listed in popular stock markets this year, could be preferred by much more investors in the following process. This means that the project is likely to be a trend for a positive increase in market value.

3) Fight Out (FGHT) – A new crypto fitness application linked to real gyms.

Launched in December 2022, the Fight Out project is an M2E-themed project that basically allows you to gain money as you move. The project, which has managed to collect a 3 million dollar investment in a very short period of time, aims to serve as a real gym in the future. Currently available at $0.0166, the FGHT coin aims to increase to $0.0333, when the first pre-sales phases are over. With this, it’s likely to be listed on large markets.

4) Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – A crypto training platform that offers analysis and graphic support to investors

Dash 2 Trade is a new entry into the crypto market which is an analytics and information platform. For this purpose, the platform has estimates, trading points and analysis. With these tools, investors can analyse the majority of their investments in detail and maximize their earnings. While the platform targets experienced investors with the ability to read analytics and graphics with this capability, with the basic training videos on the platform, new investors entering the sector are also able to easily use the platform.

Price graphs, detailed analysis and expert comments, the most basic tools for crypto investors are the key point for the Dash 2 Trade platform. This means that users are able to make the most profitable investment at the right time through this platform. It also gives users the chance to set an alarm, designed to keep them from missing out on any opportunity. However, simple training allows even new investors to be able to make use of tools on the website.

5) DEXGame (DXGM) is a Metaverse Based – NFT – P2E – Esports Game Project headquartered in Switzerland.

DXGM token ; It is an ERC-20 based token that is the fuel of DEXGame ecology.

Users; They will use the dxgm token to benefit from DEXGame products.

DEXGame team ; it hosts ESports gaming tournaments in its own Metaverse universe.

GPlex gaming platform, NFT Marketplace and IDO Platform serve esports teams/enthusiasts.


OXRO, which is a solution partner with DEXGame, aims to provide perfect trading opportunities with its smart-bot product.

In the following process; The exchange product where the game tokens are exchanged will serve dxgm holders.


1) Many cryptocurrency companies want to list their crypto projects on Binance and similar crypto trading platforms. The main reason for this is the desire to reach a large number of customers by covering a wider market. As long as cryptographic assets are spread to wider audiences and mass demands are created, the value of the coin will continue to increase.

2) The liquidity and volume of the projects listed in the major exchanges are increasing. This helps the project designers to achieve more revenue.

3) The projects listed in the major exchange soon have some other information: investors have the potential for digital money or need to be taken seriously as a project. Typically, when a project is announced to be listed on an exchange, its price increases between 10% and 70%.


Why invest before the project is listed on the major exchange?

Being on global platforms, such as major exchanges, is one of the biggest targets for every project owner. Because these platforms are used around the world, giving them the chance to reach investors from different segments, every financial environment, and every age group.

The biggest advantage for investors is that they have the opportunity to invest in the project at the best point of purchase. Because coins that are listed on small exchanges or on pre-sales are at the lowest price level and reach a peak with new investor support. If you can add a lot of them to your crypto wallet before they are listed on the major exchange, you might get a chance to make a very significant profit.


Investing in crypto assets is the most important investment tool in recent years. Precious stones, foreign currency or stock markets which are traditional investment tools, are increasingly replaced by crypto assets. The interest in crypto assets is increasing every day thanks to their high potential, intense support for projects from social media and the pump effect caused by the whales. In our article, we looked at the projects that were behind the major exchanges and these coins.

If you are interested in investing in crypto assets, this article may be a guide for you. We hope to see you in another article.

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