Creta Partners Up With VAST Marketplace To Elevate Its NFT Offering

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25th Mar 2023 – Creta, a Web3 entertainment company specializing in the development and publication of video games and Web3 gaming solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with VAST, a premier marketplace designed to discover and collect digital creations by a diverse community of content creators, empowered by blockchain technology.

Launched in 2021, VAST has attracted a diverse audience of NFT collectors, holders, and sellers of prominent collections featuring artworks by famous music celebrity and other unique creations. This partnership is aimed at unlocking the full potential of NFT-driven content and delivering a more immersive experience for audiences of Creta’s upcoming video games, including Kingdom Under Fire, Fortress, Warhands, and others.

Creta will take the lead in offering the 4K Genesis VAST Mint Pass, a one-of-a-kind item that symbolizes the joint effort between the two companies. The pass will be available for purchase using ETH, CRETA, and LOCUS on the VAST marketplace.

Dee Lee, Vice President of Business Development at Creta, commented on the partnership: “We have made significant strides in providing unique NFT collectibles, such as Creta Land, Creta Characters, and Genesis Pass, that grant holders utility in our content ecosystem that magnifies the immersion players gain from the works of traditional game development companies. To build Web3 games that meet the AAA game industry standards, the metaverse, and other products that deliver a truly immersive player experience, significant resources are required. The current dwindling market has made us consider additional pathways for collaboration to ramp up fundraising and player acquisition efforts. And we are confident that partnering up with VAST will contribute immensely on both fronts.’

Michael Jurkovac, CEO of VAST, shared his excitement about the agreement: “We are delighted to join forces with Creta to explore the boundless possibilities of NFT-driven content. This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with VAST’s mission to provide a marketplace that empowers content creators to showcase their digital creations and make them accessible to a wider audience. I am deeply optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the growth of the VAST marketplace, and I look forward to the benefits it will bring to our audiences.”

About Creta

Creta is building the Web3 gaming platform, featuring the metaverse, blockchain games, and a suite of solutions for Web3 gaming with the mission to create and publish entertaining content with sustainable business models.

The company is run by the development team of the acclaimed video game franchise Kingdom Under Fire, Fortress and other notable games that gained particular momentum in the Global Game market and is supported by veterans from both blockchain and video game industries, such as Yoshiki Okamoto, an award-winning game designer behind Monster Strike. More than 200 professionals from game development, publishing, marketing, and blockchain technology have joined the company since its establishment.

Creta has offices in Japan, Dubai, and Armenia and is advised by a global network of blockchain partners and associations.

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About VAST

VAST is an all-in-one marketplace that delivers premium and mainstream content with incentivized and gamified transactions between the buyers and sellers of NFTs. Artists, photographers, writers, and more use VAST to create and sell their work online through the use of blockchain technology.

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