Ripple Partners with Onafariq, Solana News Suggests Everlodge Price Could Rally

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Africa is one of the most populous continents in the world, with around 50 countries and a population of 1.4 billion. But it lags behind in terms of financial inclusion which is why many Web3 entities such as Ripple, EMURGOs Cardano, Solana, and Everlodge are trying to integrate crypto and fintech in Africa.

Ripple is Accelerating Cross-Border Payments in Africa

One of the most tricky things for African business ventures is sending payments, particularly across countries. Thats why Cardano recently had a Web3 summit about Africa, and Emurgo and Cardano set up the African Web3 social network/news site Nodo.

Ripple also sees the importance and potential for Africa with crypto, and thats no doubt behind their latest alliance.

"Sub-Saharan Africa has proven to be a bright spot of crypto adoption, with consumers in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa employing digital assets for real-world, day-to-day purposes," said Ripples Aaron Sears.

The partnership between Ripple and leading African payments fintech Onafriq aims to promote financial inclusion by enabling efficient remittances into Africa. Onafriq, formerly known as MFS Africa, will connect companies PayAngel, Pyypl and Zazi Transfer to its network that extends across 40 countries and 500 million mobile wallets.

Ripples overarching aim is to revolutionize global payments through blockchain technology. Collaborating with Onafriq represents another step towards bringing the benefits of faster, cheaper payments to African communities.

Solanas Superteam is Connecting African Talent with Web3

From Solanas perspective, as well as the many other blockchains like Ripple, as we have seen, Web3 promises greater financial inclusion, entrepreneurial opportunities, and youth empowerment.

Thats why theyve created the Solana Superteam. Through bounties, grants, jobs, events, and education, Superteam wants to empower African talents to learn, earn, and connect across Solanas ecosystem.

Solana Superteam makes it easier for people to access remote work and the gig economy – which is on the rise in Africa. Contributors earn crypto rewards matched to their skills while grants will fund entrepreneurial visions to build homegrown solutions on Solana.

By joining the Solana Superteam chapter in Nigeria, African workers gain resources and exposure to help them thrive in Web3.

Everlodge Helps Emerging Economies to Gain Access to Financial Investment

Everlodge is another project that recognizes the importance of Web3 and financial inclusion. While Ripple focuses on payments and Solana on talent and building, Everlodge has property investment in its sights.

Everlodge describes itself as where Airbnb meets web3 and is building a network of vacation property rentals. These properties will be tokenized on the blockchain, fractionalized, and offered to investors for as little as $100. Background checks, credit checks, red tape, and geographic restrictions are no longer a problem, and neither is not having the capital to become a part of the rental market.

With Everlodge, investors from around the world including Africa, will be able to add properties that generate rental income to their portfolios.

The Everlodge token – ELDG – underlies the ecosystem, and grants access to special bonuses like vacation stays which can be enjoyed by holders, or rented out for extra income.

ELDG is in presale at $0.025 and will launch at a 50% gain from the current price, upon which analysts are forecasting a possible 30x rally on the day. Given the bullish approach to Africa from Ripple, EMURGO, Solana, and more, this small-cap token is certainly one to watch.

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