Reports of Identity Theft Crimes Surge in 2023, with Nearly Half of Individuals Claiming Victimization

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Identity Theft Research
Identity Theft Research

December marked Identity Theft Awareness Month, and for the past three years, has conducted surveys among Americans to gauge the prevalence of the countrys most common crime. For the first time, nearly half of all Americans have experienced identity theft. In 2023, over 2,100 U.S. organizations reported data breaches, surpassing the previous years count of 1,802 breaches. According to the latest survey, identity theft is at an all-time high, with 49.22% of respondents confirming that they have fallen victim, representing a nearly 10% increase from 2021.

Almost half of respondents said identity theft cost them up to $500. That might explain why almost 1 in 5 took on more than $500 of debt due to the crime. President Don Silvestri predicts that debt will only grow over the next few years. Not only is identity theft spreading, but its hurting Americans fragile budgets more than ever, he says. They already face record amounts of debt due to rising interest rates, student loans, and credit card bills. They shouldnt have to go into debt to recover from this crime.

President of

Don Silvestri

Credit scores also took a hit. More than 40% said their credit score dropped due to identity theft. In 2022, it was 31% and in 2021, that number was 38.5%. A significant number of those polled had their credit scores fall by up to 100 points with drops reaching new heights this year:

  • 2023 38%

  • 2022 32%

  • 2021 34%

This is an ominous sign, Silvestri says. Taking on personal debt to recover from identity theft is bad enough, but a lower credit score has long-lasting ramifications. Imagine trying to buy a car or a home with a credit score thats 100 points lower. That could add up to thousands of dollars for years to come. Identity theft is a crime that just keeps on taking.

The survey found that some areas of the country were more affected than others. The Mid-Atlantic region reports the highest incidents of identity theft (22.06%) while New England has the lowest (3.44%). The Pacific and South Atlantic regions come in second (17.61%) and third (15.99%), respectively.


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