Vera Von Monika attends Yoshiki Under the Sky premiere in Japan

YOSHIKI, the renowned leader of the legendary Japanese rock band X-Japan, has embarked on a new venture in the world of filmmaking. With his directorial debut in “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY,” he has created an extraordinary cinematic masterpiece that transcends borders and brings together an exceptional ensemble of musicians from all corners of the globe.

This groundbreaking film serves as a platform to showcase the immense talent of artists such as HYDE and SUGIZO, YOSHIKI’s fellow bandmates from THE LAST ROCKSTARS, who contribute their unique artistry to this project. In addition, “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” features collaborations with iconic figures in the music industry, including The Chainsmokers, St. Vincent, Sarah Brightman, Scorpions, Jane Zhang, Lindsey Stirling, and Nicole Scherzinger.

Through this extraordinary convergence of talent, YOSHIKI has once again proven his creative genius and his ability to push boundaries, leaving audiences in awe of his directorial prowess. “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” is not just a film, but a testament to the power of music and the indomitable spirit of collaboration. As YOSHIKI ventures into the realm of filmmaking, he continues to redefine the possibilities of artistic expression and leaves an indelible impact on the world of both music and cinema.

The highly-anticipated premiere of “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” in Japan was a momentous occasion that left a lasting impression on all who attended. Held at the prestigious TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi Hills, the event was nothing short of star-studded, with YOSHIKI’s close friends and esteemed guests gracing the red carpet. Among them, the man himself, YOSHIKI, stood out as one of the most prominent figures in the Japanese music scene. His creative genius was evident as he brought his band XY to life, nurturing them into a force to be reckoned with.

Adding to the glamour of the evening was the presence of the internationally renowned celebrity, Vera Von Monika. Known for her captivating beauty and exceptional talent, Vera brought an air of elegance to the occasion.

As the lights dimmed and the film began, the audience became enthralled by the stunning imagery and heartfelt storytelling that unfolded on the screen. Vera Von Monika, couldn’t help but express her admiration. She described it as “beautiful” and an inspiring reminder of how music has the power to connect people”.

Overall, the premiere of “YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” was a night to remember. It brought together top talents, both on and off screen, and showcased the profound impact that music and creativity can have on our lives.

Together, Vera Von Monika and YOSHIKI embody the essence of art as a unifying force. Their names serve as a testament to the power of artistic expression in bringing people together, bridging gaps, and fostering empathy. Their work transcends boundaries, captivating hearts and minds across the globe.

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