Keep Your Eyes Out For Joe Ness

Keep Your Eyes Out For Joe Ness

Joe Ness, a Queens, New York-based artist, has recently gained attention in the underground hip-hop and pop scene. He has been exceeding the needs of his previous and new audiences with records such as “NESSessary,” “La Da Di,” and his most recent, “She Needs Love.” Having recently collaborated with J Cardim on one of his albums, “The Pilot,” one message he is attempting to spread through his music is that anyone can be whatever they want to be; he is about letting go of expectations and stereotypes and following where your soul leads you. He describes how it took him a while to grasp this message, but once he did, he never looked back.

His musical journey began at the age of twelve, when he began writing music. Joe Ness told us how, growing up, he was constantly surrounded by music, which led him to develop an interest in it. After many years of simply writing, he began recording and publishing his art when he was sixteen years old. Around this time, he was popular on YouTube for doing covers, and he eventually took the step to create something of his own, his first mixtape, “Just Listen.”

Joe Ness is now an artist who is unique in the industry, offering the complete package. Joe Ness clearly experiments with his music and does it well, constantly stepping outside the box in search of new sounds. Through his work, he demonstrates that music is clearly something he has been called to do. He is now consistently dropping albums and music videos from various genres that are slowly reaching the masses. COVID was actually a point in time that inspired him to take this critical step in his career; he told us that during this time, he learned what it is like to take things for granted and miss out on opportunities.

Joe Ness told us about his music-making process, which he describes as “very therapeutic.” “It’s almost like therapy to spend the commute writing a good song,” he says of writing most of his work on the train to and from his destination.

His new album, Mood Swing 2, will be released very soon. He recently released a single and music video called “She Needs Love,” which has received over 10,000 views in just two days. He discusses how he intends to take his time with this project and truly perfect it, saying, “this is like my baby, and I want to show it off to the world”.

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