Search Box Optimization: Google & Bing SBO Autocomplete Marketing Service Launch

The new service uses a focused keyword approach to increase brand awareness and improve visibility. The goal is for clients to be the first company that customers see when they search within a specific field or subject.

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With the latest move, Mobile Splash aims to help more businesses discover alternative tools to achieve their growth goals. The proprietary technology is designed to maximize first-page search results based on the keywords chosen – bypassing local competition.

The innovative Autocomplete-Optimization solution allows businesses to claim keywords that appear in the autocomplete function in the search box on Google and Bing.

Mobile Splash says businesses no longer have to compete with thousands of other results to get noticed. Customers who click on the autocomplete result related to their search will see a more focused range of listings, all pointing to the client’s business.

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According to Google, 71% of searchers use autocomplete, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to attract leads.

The autocomplete box offers suggestions to users as they type in their search queries, based on the most popular and relevant keywords. Businesses can increase their visibility and attract more customers by targeting these high-volume keywords.

The service aims to reduce dependence on PPC and SEO campaigns. These can be costly, time-consuming, and highly competitive, making it difficult for smaller businesses to gain traction. With Autocomplete-Optimization, businesses can focus on the most relevant keywords and phrases for their target audience, making it a more cost-effective solution.

Using the service, businesses can provide prospects with highly targeted and relevant information, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

A spokesperson states: “Everybody knows that almost no one goes on to page two of the search results. Typically what the consumer does is look at the first page, and if they don’t see what they like, they revise their search term and look again. You can be in the suggestion box provided by Google and Bing. When the customer is looking for your product or service, you show up as a suggestion by the search engine.”

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