World of Dypians Releases Update Patch on Epic Games Featuring New Reputable Partner Areas

Tortola, BVI, 20th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, World of Dypians (WOD) – an immersive, groundbreaking MMORPG, has released its latest update, patch v0.2.4, on Epic Games. The team announced three new collaborations with major brands in the blockchain industry, Core DAO, Viction, and MultiversX. These visionary blockchain networks now have dedicated areas in the Downtown section of the WOD metaverse, where virtual and real-life experiences blend seamlessly.

Furthermore, the new update reveals a host of exciting, upcoming features, including enhanced chain leaderboards, a new Challenger Global Leaderboard, an addition to the Daily Bonus, the Beta Pass NFT Collections, and a Premium Subscription with exclusive perks and benefits.

This event marks an important milestone in the game’s development. It includes new features and strategic partnerships that will improve the gaming experience, foster community engagement, and enable WOD to reshape the virtual world landscape.

What’s New in the WOD Update Patch v0.2.4?

The Downtown area in World of Dypians is a futuristic territory with limitless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Players can enjoy exciting adventures and unprecedented immersive gameplay here, where some of the industry’s biggest names have their own dedicated areas. The update patch v0.2.4 brings three new prestigious guests, integrating CORE, VICTION, and MultiversX, enhancing WOD’s leading MMORPG reputation.

The three new areas in WOD feature new quests, advanced gameplay mechanics, and fantastical elements. They introduce players to state-of-the-art technologies unrivaled by other virtual worlds, building toward a truly unique gaming experience.

The addition of the new partner areas plays a significant role in the other upcoming features of WOD:

Enhanced Chain Leaderboards

World of Dypians features specific leaderboards for each chain, including BNB Chain, SKALE, and the upcoming CORE, and Viction networks, enabling all players to compete in a league of their own. The new update will reward the users of each chain with STARS in the Daily Leaderboard. These STARS will improve the rankings in the Challenger Global Leaderboard, where the top 10 players with the most STARS win substantial rewards. However, the Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will not undergo this change.

New Challenger Global Leaderboard

World of Dypians challenges players to multiple quests and adventures, delivering considerable rewards in addition to fun and excitement. The most skilled and dedicated players will fight for the summit positions in the new Challenger Global Leaderboard. Their final rankings depend on the STARS they collect from chain leaderboards and other in-game activities. More importantly, the top 10 players will be celebrated and rewarded accordingly.

Daily Bonus New Addition

Premium subscribers now have the exciting opportunity to open 20 chests daily from each chain, including new partners Viction and CORE. This latest addition enhances the gameplay experience as players can now gain more exclusive rewards and items. The new partner chains will also provide unique rewards and personalized adventures for every user.

Beta Pass NFT Collections

One of the most anticipated features in WOD’s already rich suite of offerings is the Beta Pass NFT Collections. These unique NFTs are specially designed for the in-game communities and will serve as tickets for the Treasure Hunt events in the virtual world. The new partners, Core, MultiversX, and VICTION, will offer exclusive rewards and experiences as part of releasing the Beta Pass NFT collections.

For example, the Core DAO Beta Pass NFT Collection will give players exclusive access to the game and the Core DAO Treasure Hunt event. This 90-day-long adventure will allow players to gain a share of the $20,000 CORE reward pool. The game will open a free minting process for all users to get this NFT, ensuring every player can participate in the treasure hunt.

Similarly, WOD will host a MultiversX Treasure Hunt event for MultiversX Beta Pass NFT holders, and free minting will be available. This treasure hunt lasts 90 days and features a $20,000 EGLD reward pool. Moreover, the MultiversX Wallet Integration allows users to connect with their wallets to mint these NFTs, unlocking their access to beta testing and special events.

Premium Subscription

World of Dypians allows users to access new and exciting rewards as part of an exclusive experience as premium subscribers. The upcoming premium subscription will be available for new partner chains Core and VICTION, unlocking additional features, rewards, and perks. The list of unique, personalized benefits for premium subscribers, including access to exclusive areas, quests, and items, is bound to increase as the game evolves.

For instance, players can purchase a premium subscription on Core DAO and access exclusive benefits, such as early access to new content, special in-game items, and priority access to events.

About World of Dypians

World of Dypians (WOD) is an MMORPG designed by Dypius that features advanced AI, cutting-edge graphics, and immersive gameplay. The game takes place in a virtual world that abounds in engaging quests, brand-dedicated spaces, and must-play adventures.

The new collaboration with Core DAO, Viction, and MultiversX proves WOD’s constant rise in reputation and appeal within the increasingly competitive Web3 space. Each new partner area boasts exceptional challenges and thrilling adventures, inviting players to explore the rich World of Dypians and uncover its hidden secrets. This charming virtual world is now home to more diverse landscapes, new characters, and endless opportunities, confirming its industry-leading position and undisputable potential.

World of Dypians has recently been on a streak of exceptional developments, including ranking #1 in the BNB Chain DAU Incentive Program. This initiative ranks the daily active unique wallet addresses interacting with the project’s smart contracts. Moreover, WOD has been selected for BNB Chain’s Airdrop Alliance Program, onboarding 41,524+ on-chain users in the first 14 days. The program seeks to connect top projects that have yet to issue tokens with the broad BNB Chain community. Its second campaign started only a few days ago, and World of Dypians has already boarded over 5,000 on-chain users.

You can learn more about World of Dypians and stay up-to-date with its development at these links: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | GitHub | YouTube | Download on Epic Games |

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