Eswatini a country with a vast potential in maritime industry

Mbabane, Hhohho May 22, 2024 ( – Eswatini is a very small, land-locked country that is surprisingly making great strides in the maritime sector. This unlimited potential is coming up despite the geographical hindrance. This is part of the greater plan to make sure that every other asset is used to foster economic growth and sustainability. Landlocked nations, obviously, tend to ignore the maritime industry because of the apparent barriers to direct sea access. However, Eswatini challenges this rule and looks into partnerships and agreements with the right that enable it to register the vessels under its flag, engage in the international maritime trade, and enjoy all benefits of the global shipping economy. This does not only have to widen the economic base but also opens ways for new revenue generation.

The country, through its maritime administration, Eswatini Maritime Affairs seeks to exploit the potentials in the very lucrative aspects of the maritime industry: shipping finance, maritime insurance, and the registration of ships–areas that offer enormous opportunities for revenue and the economic expansion that can be so crucial for a developing country like Eswatini. Furthermore, with a focus in the maritime sector, it will be only a matter of time before Eswatini sets up special programs that engage in studies and training in the field of maritime affairs, hence empowering its people into various maritime careers. This is the avenues to innovation and employment, slashing back unemployment, thus strengthening the economy of the nation. And the benefits do not just come to a stop here. Being a part of the maritime sector would also upgrade its diplomatic relationships: the country, through involvement in the sector, will directly be interested in its stakeholders, coastal states, and international maritime bodies. The result of this is increased international cooperation and geopolitics. In other words, by striving for opportunities in the maritime sector, Eswatini becomes one of the innovative countries in the way it is going to unlock the geographical challenges. By so doing, Eswatini is positioning itself strategically within the maritime industry, broadening its economic horizon while setting a precedence for other landlocked nations to follow.

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