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Bruce Johnson Construction, a seasoned excavation contractor, continues to serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients with unparalleled expertise in construction and demolition services. Since 1971, the company has built a solid reputation based on reliability, precision, and a broad array of specialized services, ensuring every project is executed flawlessly from ground breaking to final inspections.

The company is highly recognized for its extensive capabilities in septic system installations, including both standard and advanced treatment technologies. As a licensed DEQ installer, Bruce Johnson Construction addresses complex septic needs, particularly in constrained spaces, and also offers comprehensive maintenance services. Their proficiency extends to handling necessary electrical work associated with septic system installation, making them an ideal choice for full-scale excavation projects.

In addition to septic systems, Bruce Johnson Construction offers robust land-clearing services. The team is equipped to handle all aspects of site preparation, including stump and brush removal, foundation digging, and sophisticated earthworks like sloping and grading. Following land clearing, the company can undertake landscape sculpting, offering a seamless transition from raw land to a prepared construction site, all under the management of an experienced contractor.

The company’s expertise in site development is demonstrated through a variety of services tailored to both private and public sectors. These services encompass precision grading, trenching, foundation dig-outs, and the installation of public and private utilities. Bruce Johnson Construction excels in complex projects requiring meticulous planning and execution, including the installation of underground utilities such as sewer, water, electrical, and gas lines.

Bruce Johnson Construction is also equipped to manage demolition projects of any scale, including those necessitating asbestos testing and remediation, ensuring safety and compliance with all regulatory requirements. The company’s diverse capabilities allow its team to address specialized excavation needs like driveway construction, ditch digging, retaining wall installations, and precise boulder placements, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of any site.

In every project, Bruce Johnson Construction emphasizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. The company’s approach to excavation and construction minimizes environmental impact while maximizing site utility and value. This includes adopting practices that preserve the natural terrain and implementing innovative solutions that enhance the longevity and safety of the constructed spaces.

Bruce Johnson Construction’s customer-centric approach is reflected in its prompt service and attention to detail. Clients can expect thorough consultations, clear communication, and projects delivered on schedule and within budget. This dedication to client satisfaction has cultivated long-standing relationships and a strong client base. Interested persons can visit the company’s website to learn more about Bruce Johnson Construction and its comprehensive services.

About Bruce Johnson Construction

Bruce Johnson Construction has been a trusted provider of excavation and construction services since 1971. It offers a comprehensive range of services, from septic system installations to complete site developments. The company’s commitment to quality and precision has made it a preferred contractor, ensuring successful project outcomes for a diverse clientele.

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