StarCheck Announces The Most Accessible and Affordable Retail AML Checks

After $24.2bn was stolen in crypto-related fraud in 2023, individuals and businesses are taking preventative measures with their wallets, leveraging do-it-yourself retail AML wallet-checking services.

TALLINN, ESTONIA — StarCheck – a preventative best-practice tool that allows retail users to perform private AML checks – has just announced that their service is now the world’s most affordable and accessible. A StarCheck Pro package of 100 AML checks costs just $29, making each check $0.29. This tally is considerably lower than the $0.99 pay-as-you-go check service, which is still lower than rival services. Pro packages also offer free priority support on this pricing model, helping users stay ahead of scammers and avoid the consequences of handling ‘dirty’ digital assets.

The Estonia-based company strongly advocates for increased AML and KYC checks due to the unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency industry. They claim that doing your due diligence with a private AML check before any transaction can be seen as a preventative measure to avoid interactions with unknown and potentially nefarious individuals. Until recently, individuals could not access retail AML checks, as they were sold as services to cryptocurrency exchanges as part of major contracts. Now, the ability of individuals to perform checks on other wallet addresses, thanks to StarCheck, drives the democratization of finance and the distribution of power.

Archy Park, a Spokesperson for StarCheck, provided more perspective about this increased accessibility, “Would you, as a merchant, accept stolen cash, knowing it was stolen? Probably not, right? What if you didn’t know, but could easily find out whether the funds were clean or not, without alerting the other person? That’s a better situation, right?”

“Fortunately, with the transparent nature of on-chain cryptocurrency tokens, we can see the journey that cryptocurrencies have been on, and the StarCheck technology can identify when coins have been stolen, passed through illegal mixing services, or have been held in wallets that are flagged for money laundering, blacklisted for cybercrime, or identified as being under sanction. We provide good and honest cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a valuable service to protect them from the malicious entities that sadly carry out countless cryptocurrency-related frauds every year. The first ten checks are free, for those who want to see for themselves” Park added. 

Described as “Being on the right side of crypto”, the StarCheck service has been designed with two ideal retail users in mind: those who engage in P2P cryptocurrency transactions, and merchants who have decided to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. These retail users must engage in the four-step checking process, which consists of pasting the counterparty’s wallet address, selecting the asset the receiver will be sent, clicking “Check”, and receiving a score out of five stars. One star indicates that the wallet is almost certainly tainted and the funds have been involved in some fraudulent activity, while 5 stars signify a clean wallet address. Each check can be performed on over 8,000 different cryptocurrencies, with the result providing both a shareable link (which can be used to inform the wallet owner or law enforcement), and a signed PDF report. 

It’s not uncommon for cryptocurrency addresses to get flagged for illicit activities, due to the aforementioned transparent nature of blockchain activity. Until now, non-criminal users being flagged by crypto exchanges have been the victims of bad luck, accidentally holding illicit funds. Now, with an affordable preventative tool at its disposal, the industry and its investors can overcome this issue. The impact should be felt far and wide, as account blockings and illicit transactions are minimized, thanks to people taking more precautions.

For retail users, AML checks were once just a part of the cryptocurrency exchange sign-up process, but now they’re accessible to all. By overcoming the need to sign AML contracts with big companies, StarCheck aims to continue educating and advocating for AML checks at a retail level. 

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StarCheck is a rapid and efficient AML verification service for cryptocurrency wallets. The tool allows you to examine wallet addresses to prevent USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 8000+ assets from being frozen by exchanges or custody services.

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